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July 02, 2008


David Meyers

I was one of the unlucky to receive a citation. They said I was within 100' of the minimum wake buoys in front of my own property. If I was within 100', it was close. Anyway, it was a terrible weekend. I was so embarrassed. I had guest all weekend. One was thinking about buying vacation property. All weekend my friends teased me about how much Deep Creek reminded them of Hanoi. They have never seen so many helicopters, and boy those cops must feel awful proud of how many speeders and violators they got off the lake. Then when I got my ticket they went crazy. They probably haven't laughed that hard in years. They alway joke about how safe boating conscious I am. Maybe it is because I got a ticket, but I'm getting bit frustrated with the police on the lake. They all seem to have that "look out now, I've got a uniform on" attitude. My friends left early, and their parting jabs were hard to take. I spent a lot of money for this place. I'm a very responsible boater, but I'm beginning to feel like it's time to look for another place. It's getting too crowded, the cops have an attitude, and I need a place to get away from it all.


the new plan offers iiieffscnunt detail for guiding the actions of officials in charge of handling specific incidents and leaves unclear the chain of command, from the president to workers on the scene. So is it that there is iiieffscnunt detail? Or are local emergency managers annoyed that they're not getting enough autonomy?


That's an apt answer to an interesting qutesoin

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