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May 22, 2008



A very nice list! As I said, keep up the good work.


GREAT Post. Lizzie. Very introspective. I eslpcialey like the line "A Lakes does not judge and will only listen". With your permission, I may use that line (and of course, credit you as the author) as the basis of a future post.I completely agree and would expand the lake concept to include all waterways. When I am on a high mountain trout stream, and there is a cutthroat trout rising delicately to eat some unseen bug, it's just me and the fish. It doesn't matter if my rod is a Handmade bamboo or a clearance special. Nor does it matter if I drove to the trailhead in an Escalade or a Kia. Nothing matters except faking the fish into thinking that my offering is real and edible. Its why I absolutely love fishing situations that have some aspect of site fishing involved in them.Thanks for the post LizzieWolfy

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